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Have you set big goals for 2015?

Confidence is the one thing that can help you reach all your big goals…

This is your chance! This is YOUR year!

Confidence is the key

Lack of Confidence holds so many people back from achieving their goals,

All of the details are included on this page, so please take a minute to read to the very end, so you don’t miss an awesome opportunity for us to work closely together.

First, I want to ask you a few questions…Have you ever experienced this?

  • Have you ever had great ideas that never quite seem to happen?
  • Have you ever gotten stuck in moving forward with a new opportunity – you seem to talk yourself out of it?
  • Do you sometimes second guess or question yourself wondering if your ideas are actually “good ideas” after all?

Everyone gets a little stuck sometimes…but what if I told you that what’s really slowing you down is confidence? And what if I could give you the confidence to move forward?

What if I could give you a method to measure your ideas, projects and endeavors to make sure they make sense for the direction you want to take in life?

Chalene Johnson – Courageous Confidence Club

$145.00 $25.00